Campaign Article

Below is a draft template article to use and modify for use in school newsletters, websites or as a news release:

[School entity name] joins statewide campaign on public education success

[School entity name] is pleased to be part of a statewide campaign called Success Starts Here that officially launched in September 2016. The campaign is a multi-year statewide effort to share the positive news about public education through advertising, web, social media, traditional media and word-of-mouth with the goal of raising understanding of the value of public education in Pennsylvania. The campaign relies on the buy-in and support of a wide variety of supporting organizations to fully leverage the financial resources available for the campaign.

The campaign’s website,, has stories of success from across the state, including several from [school entity name]. We encourage our staff, students, parents and residents to visit the website often to see more success stories as they are posted.

“This is not a campaign about what ‘was’ in public education. It’s a campaign about ‘Today!’” said [attribute or modify for your chief school administrator]. “Great things are happening here at [school entity name] as well as our sister districts across the state.”

Spread the word and visit the campaign website, Twitter @SuccessStartsPA, Instagram @SuccessStartsHerePA and Facebook @SuccessStartsPA.