Minecraft server a source of education, creativity

Wilmington Area School District  |  Posted on
image of students who built minecraft server

Three students who built and manage Wilmington Area SD’s Minecraft server

Wilmington Area SD’s decision to purchase a computer game server is leading to additional learning opportunities for students. The server hosts a popular computer game called Minecraft, which allows players to build their own virtual worlds using digital building blocks.

The project belongs to the district’s SWAT – Students Working to Advance Technology – team. SWAT participants must be recommended to the team by a teacher and are computer-savvy assistants to the school’s technology department. As part of the project, SWAT members developed and now maintain the school-based server – only one of its kind in the region.

While SWAT members hone computer skills by working on the server, players are learning some basic science facts and benefitting from the creative exploration the Minecraft game allows. To play, participants simply connect to the server and sign up with their screen name. The server is a designated safe space – no offensive language or other misbehavior is allowed.

Although the project started at Wilmington Area SD, the server will soon be available to any K-12 student in the region at no cost.