Student ambassadors support, assist K-2 classmates

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Mrs. Triffanoff and her student ambassadors at Gill Hall Elementary

West Jefferson Hills began a new program to help elementary students adjust to the new school year and easeĀ  anxieties that they may face throughout the school year. The program was created by Colleen Triffanoff, K-2 school counselor, who worked with classroom teachers to select one male and one female student per homeroom to serve as a student ambassador for the entire school year. Abassadors participate in ongoing training that encourages them to be kind, welcoming and always help those in need. Since the district reconfigured the elementary schools to accommodate increased enrollment, many elementary students had to change schools and leave their familiar surroundings. Student ambassadors will help students find their way around the new school, and learn teacher and student names. Ambassadors also will assist classmates at lunch and in recess, and by simply being a friendly face to sit by, talk to and lend support to when needed.