Kindergarten classes celebrate Johnny Appleseed

West Jefferson Hills School District  |  Posted on

Kindergarten classes at Gill Hall Elementary celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day with two days of fun and learning. On Monday, September 25, the students learned about the different types of apples and made their own applesauce. To reinforce reading and phonics on the short ‘a’ sound, students read the a story about apple picking, and the students all had the chance to taste red, green, and yellow apples. The class was incouraged to use descriptive adjectives to talk about how each apple tastes, feels and differs from the others. The students had to pick their favorite-tasting apple, color a picture of it, cut it out, and then place their apple on the Classroom Apple Graph Chart. Out of the morning and afternoon classes, the red delicious apple was the clear favorite. Since the applesauce had to cook in the crockpot for several hours, the kindergartners enjoyed their homemade applesauce on Johnny Appleseed’s birthday on Tuesday, Sept. 26. The applesauce was a tasty way to wrap up their two-day lesson with the students immersed in learning Language Arts, Reading and Math without even realizing it!