Gill Hall Elementary builds community during Borough Days

West Jefferson Hills School District  |  Posted on

Fourth-grade students at Gill Hall Elementary are taking part in a special Borough Days unit. Similar to a civics course, Borough Days involves real-world applications and allows the students to get involved in their community and learn about local government. All students were tasked with running for Mayor of Fourth Grade, creating campaign platforms, designing posters, and writing and presenting campaign speeches. The second part of Borough Days provided students the opportunity to meet prominent community members to learn about jobs and local government. Students then apply for jobs in the Fourth Grade community, with the elected mayor and council of Fourth Grade holding interviews and council meetings to select students for jobs in the community. Guest speakers from Jefferson Hills included Fire Chief Adam Galis, EMT Bob Gibson, Police Officer Corey Brunetti, Public Works Director Tom Lovell, Borough Manager Tricia Levander, Building & Zoning Officer Mark Reis, Council President Christopher King and Mayor Jan Cmar. Capping off Borough Days, students will attend a Jefferson Hills Borough council meeting on and will be recognized by Mayor Cmar for their hard work and dedication.