Fourth graders engage in creative, multisensory approach to spelling practice

West Jefferson Hills School District  |  Posted on

students practice kinesthetic spelling skillsAs the District explores new, multi-sensory approaches to learning for all students, here’s a look at a creative, multi-sensory activity that some of our fourth-grade students at Jefferson Hills Intermediate School use to practice their spelling words. The students have 15 minutes to review their spelling lists and practice their words in shaving cream. Then, the teachers hide the lists, and the words are read aloud as the students write them from memory in the shaving cream. The students check their words and can “erase” letters to fix their spelling words. This activity engages the tactile-kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners. Plus, what fourth grader doesn’t love to make a mess! This activity is a part of the reading centers that JHIS Teachers Mrs. Macuga and Miss Hazen run during small group reading instruction. The goal is to engage students with activities that excite them, give them confidence, and target various English language arts skills. The students rated the activity a “10 out of 10,” and some even said they were going to ask their parents to try this at home!