Spreading kindness: What’s your word?

Wayne Highlands School District  |  Posted on

image Wayne Highlands Kindness: What's your word?Students at Lakeside Elementary School in Honesdale are spreading kindness by first identifying what word best describes the quality by which they want to live. Mr. Dwight Smith and author Alison Green Myers visited Lakeside Elementary and introduced the books, “My Special Word” and “What’s My Word,” and helped students understand the concept of choosing a positive word that could describe them and they could aspire to live by. Everyone at Lakeside — students, teachers, cafeteria workers, custodians — are sharing and wearing their words. The idea is to use the power of words to lift up and inspire those around you. This is Lakeside’s driving theme this year, and it’s been contagious. The surrounding schools and districts, and the community have all joined in to share their special words!