Seniors’ inspirational walk offers elementary students a look ahead and seniors a look back

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When high school seniors move to graduation, they traditionally walk through an auditorium or into a stadium, onto a stage in front of family and friends and receive their diplomas. Washington High School seniors did the same traditional walk on June 7. However, on Thursday, May 31, the seniors donned their caps and gowns and walked through the halls of Washington Park Elementary School for the Senior Inspirational Walk.

            Starting at the kindergarten entrance, the seniors walked through the hallways and eventually ended up in the Park School’s auditorium. Along the way, all the younger students had signs to cheer them on while the seniors encouraged them to stay in school and work hard so that one day they could also graduate. To add to the encouragement, the seniors passed out “smartie” candies to the elementary students.

A short assembly was held for grades 5 and 6 to watch the seniors’ video of their activities and words of wisdom, and the seniors joined them at the end of their walk through the hallways to rally and support each other with additional words of wisdom about moving through school.       

The Senior Inspirational Walk allowed the seniors to offer their advice to those just beginning their school years while celebrating what they have achieved. From all points of view, the now annual event in the Washington School District is a win-win situation.