Walk this Way Day 2021 promotes health, safety

Hatboro-Horsham School District  |  Posted on

Students practice deadlifts at one of the fitness stations.

Every 10 minutes, Hallowell Elementary students “walked this way” to one of 12 educational stations manned by community members for Walk this Way Day on October 1.

“Walk this Way Day connects students to the people in our community and their careers as it relates to safety,” said Steve Glaize, principal of Hallowell Elementary School. “The day also teaches students the importance of a healthy lifestyle from eating to exercise.”

All stations were outside on the school’s campus and students travelled down the sidewalks of Moreland Avenue and along Maple Avenue to walk from station number 12 to 1. Students in all grade levels participated and stayed with their homeroom class for each activity.

Students rotated through the following 12 stations:
• Stations 1 and 7: Montgomery County Health Department
Montgomery County Health officials taught students best practices for pedestrian and bike safety.
• Stations 2, 4, 5 and 6: Fitness and activity
Community members from local fitness clubs and organizations coached kids through aerobic exercises and drill sergeant activities.
• Stations 3 and 8: Water and snacks
Students enjoyed water and apple slices.
• Station 9: Garden
At Hallowell’s garden, students planted seeds and learned how to tend to plants.
• Stations 10: Horsham Police Department
The police department brought squad car and talked to students about safety.
• Stations 11 and 12: Highway and Streets Department
Officials informed students about their work to keep the streets, sidewalks and trails in good condition to provide the community with better opportunities to be active.