Biglerville HS Unified PE class provides opportunities for all

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picture-Biglerville unified p.e.

Students in Biglerville HS Unified PE class

In physical education class at Biglerville High School, students are learning lessons that go far beyond the rules of baseball or the intricacies of basketball skills. They are learning how to adapt, empathize, and interact with each other, no matter their differences.

The Unified P.E. class at the Adams County school brings together general education student mentors with peers, who are students with autism or intellectual disabilities. The result? Students learning from each other and growing in unique ways.

“The course is designed to meet the needs of the life skills and autistic students with the help of general education students,” said Juanita Gardner, physical education teacher. “General education students are paired up with a student from the life skills or autistic classroom. These students will learn various skills and strategies through a variety of activities and sports.

“The general education student will learn what is needed to design and implement an appropriate activity for the students with special needs. Both students participate alongside each other in various physical activities.”

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