Students participate in middle school’s first science fair

Tussey Mountain School District  |  Posted on

Tussey Mountain Middle School held its first science fair this March, coordinated by fifth-grade teacher Davina Wieczorek. According to the district’s web page, 15 student scientists took part in the fair. In addition to creating a display, students were required to give oral presentations in front of judges, families and guests. Fifth-grade projects included a solar powered car, a simple machine experiment, a volcano experiment, a cloud display/experiment, and a display of how earth worms help the soil. Sixth-grade projects included a display about the layers of the Earth, a sea life/ocean layer display, an egg drop experiment display, a hydraulic robotic arm experiment, a battery experiment, a robotics and programming display, and an electromagnetic train experiment. The first-place winner made a project involving egg hatching rates/results of different types of eggs.