Classroom animals bring the sciences to life

Tri-Valley School District  |  Posted on

The life sciences are truly coming to life in Pam Ulicny’s Tri-Valley High School classroom. A science teacher for about 25 years, Ulicny has kept a variety of exotic animals in her classroom for many of those years, using them as teaching tools. In an article in the Republican Herald, she says her first classroom animal was a corn snake named Tickles, who is still around. Each animal is housed in its own cage, some of which were built by vo-tech students at the school, and has an informational card that tells about its species. Many of them are reptiles, but she has also kept fish, amphibians and a tarantula at different times. The classroom is also part of the PA Trout in the classroom program, which gives students the opportunity to raise brook trout from eggs. Once the fish have reached have developed into fingerlings, the students move them to an aquarium and eventually to a nearby stream.