Students Recognized for Achievement During Annual Awards Ceremony

Central PA Institute of Science & Tech  |  Posted on

Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology held its annual awards ceremony and festivities for its secondary students on May 15. The ceremony gives instructors and administrators the chance to recognize students who have gone above and beyond.

This year’s awards included honors for attendance, leadership and high academic achievement; those who are most improved; the Sixth-Man Award and Program MVPs; and honored students for obtaining other achievements such as industry certifications. There were also cooperative education awards, the NOCTI Awards and students were honored for their participation in the state and regional SkillsUSA conferences.

Vice President of Secondary Education MaryAnn Volders said some of these awards also recognized students for their commitment and hard work that helps with skills for the future, such as the Attendance and Leadership awards.

“CPI places a high value on attendance,” Volders said during the ceremony. “In order to achieve, students must attend school on a regular basis. To succeed in the workforce, you need to be at work, on time and productive. Practicing good attendance in high school will help students attend work on a regular basis as they enter the workforce.”

With the Attendance Award, students were recognized in two areas: perfect attendance and students who have missed only one day throughout the school year. The Leadership Award, according to Volders, identifies students who have a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen.

Leadership Award winners (morning): Haydn Alterio, Mason Ault, Ashley Benner, Conner Bitner, Skylar Bradley, Alexa Bressler, Jason Carbonara, Garrett Crestani, Sophia Dimitratos, Julian Emel, Alexis Facer, Jeffrey Fry, Haley Gardner, Logan Gettig, Emily Hagenbuch, Bailey Hall, Blandon Hawkins, Tyler Hilgar, Trenton Hillard, Damian Horn, Emily Hovies, Michael Jabco, Delilah Ledesma, Scott Liliedahl, Alexander Lomartire, Emily Musser, Joel Osborne, Dylan Roberts, Kyle Rowles, Brittany Royer, Ellissa Russell and Jakob Walters.

Leadership Award winners (afternoon): Jonathan Albright, Cody Armstrong, Jerad Beck, Ryan Bickle, David Bittinger, Megan Cain, Matthew Caldana, Cirstynn Comly, Ashley Conaway, Jakob Daniels, Samantha Davis, Benton Etters, Justin Holt, Garret Kutches, Melina Lucas, Charlee Marshall, Shia Miller, Kiana Parks, Jarren Pross, Derek Richards, Briar Robinson, Daniel Robson, Ryan Smith, Jordan Snook, Alex Spicer, Isaac Spotts, Marshal Wetrz, Symantha Winnett, Alexis Witherite and Devin Yarnell.

Other winners

Most Improved (morning): Alexia Heckman, Tynnia Barnhart, Harley Bartley, Donald Bucher, Coltin Caldwell, Chyeanne Coble, Jacob Confer, Madison Confer, Alexander Davis, Riley Emel, Nicholas Fisher, Clayton Gamber, Dennis Gerasenko, Jeremy Gingrich, Damian Horn, Leo Johnson, Randal Kachik, Artic Kichen, David Loesch, Coltin Luse, Gavin McCloskey, Kaitlyn Marshall, Mataeyah Morder, Andrew Peters, Serenity Ronk, Peyton Shilling, Cameron Smith, Haley Smith, Emma Walk and Jakob Walters.

Most Improved (afternoon): Jonathan Albright, Vance Alterio, Lane Bennett, Kyle Billett, Wayne Boone, Ashley Butts, Kyler Colijah, Cole Edwards, Mercedes Evans, Gage Fulmer, Matthew Fye, Dexter Gallishaw, Noah Heiser, Devin Hockenberry, Jackson Hockeyberry, Sierra Horner, Dylan Kibe, Megan Kocher, Kassee Laird, Benjamin Lucas, Gavin Lyons, Vladislav Moiseyev, Jaden Nyman, Kelsy Poorman, Sarah Shellenberger, Cody Shivery, David Skripnikov, Landon Wagner, Madison Watkins, Josh Way and Breonna Weaver.

Sixth-Man (morning): Cameron Barr, Kenneth Baird, Katrina Blood, Cassidie Cain, Joshua Carper, William Crater, Darren Freed, Lacey Hockenberry, John Jennings, Devin Kibe, Bridget Lutz, Tala McCool, Breanna Praskovich, Colton Reese, Logan Rider, Ezekiel Shawver, Logan Smith, Lance Sweeley and Trenton Wooster.

Sixth-Man (afternoon): Zachary Fultz, Alexis Hassinger, Jackson Hockenberry, Aaron Kline, Anthony Lowe, Austin Lucas, Caleb Lucas, Brooke Masden, Carl Mundt, Alyssa Nastase, Daniel Ornforf, Megan Packer, Sean Reader, Joshua Rogers, Austin Rote, Ryan Taylor and Jarrett Voyzey.

MVP (morning): Haydn Alterio, Ashley Benner, Julia Bloom, Kiefer Charnick, Ezekeil Confer, Ryan Dubbs, Zachary Etters, Caili Gheen, Jason Harter, Dylan Hess, Aaron Hillard, Jayla Hockenberry, Scott Liliedahl, Morgan Lucas, Abigail Martin, Ethan Mikesic, Rylin Pacella, Brittany Royer, Aaron Rudy and Alexandra Spencer.

MVP (afternoon): Dylan Alterio, Luke Bloom, Sharon Boland, Zachary Chambers, Dalton Derugen, Jacob Flory, Justin Holt, Sierra Horner, Garrett Kuhn, Jaidyn Letterman, Tiffany Lucas, Charlee Marshall, Sierra Orndorf, Brandon Ream, Briar Robinson, Taylor Rupert, Cody Shivery, Jared Smiles, Dylan Weaver, Rachael Witmer and Nicholas Zink.

Highest academic average (morning): Katrina Blood and Kayla Malloy, advertising arts; Charles Reynolds and Trenton Wooster, automotive technology; Aaron Hillard and Isaac Stem, carpentry; Asher Burkett and Joel Osborne, collision repair; Hayley Smay, cosmetology; Sophia Dimitratos and Emily Hagenbuch, culinary arts; Alexis Facer, dental assisting; Jason Corbonara, diesel repair; Ashley Benner, Jaidyn Fountain and Serenity Ronk, early childhood education; Calen Loner, emergency services; Garrett Crestani, heavy equipment; Mason Ault, horticulture and landscaping; Megan McClure, HVAC; Zachary Etters and Matthew Heggenstaller, information technology; Dylan Hess and Lance Sweeley, Masonry; Skylar Bradley, medical science; Rylin Pacella, precision machining; and Logan Gettig, welding.

Highest academic average (afternoon): Hunter Smyers and Quentin Confer, automotive technology; Jason King and Dylan Weaver, carpentry; Jacob Flory and Alex Shaffer, collision repair; Gazmyn Blount, cosmetology; Deborah Neal and Grace Reese, culinary arts; Emily Fisher and Alyssa Glace, dental assisting; Douglas Bierly, diesel repair; Kaylee Davis and Taylor Rupert, early childhood education; Danae Taylor, emergency services; Noah Stein, heavy equipment; Charlee Marshall and Alexis Witherite, horticulture and landscaping; Jaidyn Letterman and Logan Stroup, HVAC; Gabriel McClellan and Calvin Snyder, information technology; Ethan Moore and Brandon Ream, Masonry; Cirstynn Comly, medical science; Zachary Chambers, precision machining; and Ryan Smith, welding.