Students ‘Ramp Up’ for the school year

Bethlehem Area School District  |  Posted on

Bethlehem Area School District prepared students for the return to school with a two-week “Ramp Up” program this summer. It was designed to help students who fell behind academically last year, catch up before the fall semester starts. Although the program isn’t a new one, federal pandemic funds enabled the district to offer it to more students, a Morning Call article said.

At Ramp Up, students started by completing assessments to help instructors identify areas of need. Then they reviewed skills in small groups, providing individual attention and the opportunity to meet classmates before the start of the school year. In the article, one student said of the program, “It feels kind of good to be in school and it’s good to be ready for fifth grade. You can at least know a couple things and refresh our brains before we go into real school.”