Students create authentic American legal system process

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The students in photo 1881, from left to right, are: Elliot De La Torre, Cameron Aksu, Bobby Griffith, Rachel Gantz, Andrew Shoffler, Maddy LeMasters, Grant Doehring, and Cooper Younger.

On Thursday, April 5, students from Mr. Ben Mitchell’s Principles of American Law class at Hempfield High School conducted a mock trial with the goal of reconstructing an American courtroom that professionally argued a legal question using authentic testimonial and physical evidence. Students represented both prosecution and defense lawyers, as well as witnesses, in order to establish the innocence or guilt of a party involved in a criminal suit. Dr. Allen Mellinger, social studies teacher, served as presiding judge. Veteran students from previous law classes, and the Mock Trial Club, volunteered to act as an unbiased jury and help to provide fellow students with an authentic experience that represents the cornerstone of the American legal system.