Spreading pride throughout Red Lion

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Principal Jordan Delivers a Sign

Recognition serves as a great incentive and motivator in many environments. Schools are no exception. In the school setting, it is critically important that we celebrate and recognize the outstanding things students accomplish. Typically, the highest academic achievers are the ones recognized. However, our schools are filled with many, many students arriving daily to do their best, work their hardest, and to exceed our expectations. Because of this, the Red Lion Area School District adopted a program designed to reward all types of students. Imagine the feeling students have after being recognized for doing their best. Most likely, ordinary students will stand a little taller, feel a little more confident, and enjoy coming to school a little bit more just because someone recognized their efforts. Ultimately, the purpose of a reward is to encourage a repeat of a behavior. The district would not be disappointed if students continued to return to school to work hard and enjoy learning. What positive effects on learning could that have?

Beginning this year, the principals and various faculty members in the Red Lion Area School District are surprising students and families with a knock on the door and an announcement that a “Student of the Month” lives in the home. Then, they display a lawn sign in the yard to share with the community that a pretty special student lives in that home. Lawn signs are a great way to acknowledge accomplishments and to foster relationships among students, families, faculty, and the community. This is one more example of how Red Lion Area district staff work to create a positive school culture where students feel valued.