South Fayette introduces Kindness Ambassadors

South Fayette Twp School District  |  Posted on

This year, South Fayette Elementary School is focusing a great deal of time and attention to incorporate student voice and perspectives into redefining behavioral expectations. With the help of the second-grade teachers, Mrs. Laurie Gray (Principal) and Mr. Tyler Geist (Associate Principal) created a group identified as the “#bethekindkidambassadors”. These students were chosen for their ability to be inclusive, treat others with dignity and respect, and have consistently acted as role models for kindness among their peers and others.

The ambassadors met with the principals several times during a “working lunch,” which had an identified focus area. During the first meeting, the group became acquainted with one another. Through this process, the principals discovered that the group is comprised of students who have been attending South Fayette for various lengths of time. The following meetings focused on discussing areas of strength and growth as it relates to overall school climate and student behavior. The ambassadors were also asked to encourage their peers to promote their “kindness calendar,” provided to them by Mrs. Laurie Gray. This calendar lists each day students are in attendance during the month of December with an identified “kindness tip”. For example, a few of the tips include “Hold the Door Open for Someone”, “Let Someone Else Be First Today”, and “Thank Someone Special in Your Life”. The ambassadors have taken this responsibility seriously, and have incorporated these practices into their lives in and out of school!