South Allegheny class mixes art and robotics

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composite picture of robotics art labAt South Allegheny Middle School, eighth-grade students animate artistic creations using robotics in a unique nine-week class taught by Jayme Sweet, who teaches both visual art and computer coding. Student groups chose a famous painting from a list provided and worked together to re-create it in three-dimensions using a variety of materials. Then, the students were asked one question: What story would their creation tell if they could bring it to life with movement? Using a servomotor, which is a motor that contains a position-sensing device; LED lighting; and a Hummingbird Robotics Kit designed for young people, they design the movement. Students used their skills in computer coding to program the movement and lighting in their projects. At the end of the class, the students presented reports on their artists and their projects, which were hung in the classroom gallery.

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