Senior mock job interviews

Red Lion Area School District  |  Posted on

Seniors at the Red Lion Area Senior High School participated in a mock job interview with a business professional as the culminating piece of their graduation project.

This past November, 375 seniors interviewed with 53 local professionals and volunteers from areas such as business, government, health care, hospitality, law, manufacturing, non-profit, service industries, skilled trades, and post-secondary institutions.

Each year, the mock interviews are held over three consecutive days in the high school library and students get the opportunity for one-on-one conversations. Seniors begin preparing in September each year so they are ready for their November interviews. They are encouraged to dress-to-impress for a professional interview and arrive with a typed cover letter and resume for a job of interest.

The interviewers meet with students for approximately 15 minutes to discuss the paperwork and the students’ career goals. They give feedback on the students’ responses and areas they can improve for future interviews. The mock interviews are a tremendous learning experience for our seniors and a great way for local professionals to connect with the Red Lion Area School District learning community.

Whether students are interviewing for the first time ever, for the first time in a professional setting, or it is their second or third interview, there is always something they can learn during the process. Senior mock job interviews help bridge the gap between high school and adulthood for this crucial life skill.