Senior creates class of 2019 “future ready” destination wall

West Jefferson Hills School District  |  Posted on

In an effort to showcase the seniors’ hard work, accomplishments and future plans, TJHS Assistant Principal Adam Knaresborough had a vision of creating a Future Ready Destination Wall for graduating seniors. “I spoke with our technology teachers about starting a tradition at TJ which recognizes and honors our Senior Class destinations,” said Knaresborough. “The technology teachers told me about Jack Mich and his skills within their department. I met with Jack and provided him my vision, and he created a masterpiece!”

The Destination Wall is meant to serve as motivation for underclassmen as well as spark conversations to connect all students and staff.

As a starting point, a shared Google Document was set up to track all of the seniors and their future plans. Once a senior finalized their post-graduation plans, their information would be added to the document, and Jack would be notified. Jack used the high school laser engraver to engrave the plaques for the senior class to signify their future plans whether they may attend college/university, military or trade school, or enter the workforce. He designed the wall in black and yellow with the yellow plaques forming a TJ in the middle of the wall board. Each plaque is engraved with the students’ names, future plans and school or corporate logo. Jack began the project back in December 2018 and has even mentored a freshman student in the engraving process and project management duties to carry on this new TJ tradition year after year. The plaques are currently attached to the wall with Velcro, but Jack will replace the backing with a magnet to serve as a special keepsake for all of the seniors showcased on the board.

According to Mr. Knaresborough, “Jack is a very talented individual who exceeded my expectations. We will continue this tradition at the new high school, and Jack set the bar high for our future ‘Senior Destination’ displays.” After graduation, Jack plans to major in Interdisciplinary Digital Studio at Pennsylvania State University Main Campus in the Fall.

Thank you, Jack, and best of luck in your future endeavors!