Seneca Valley honor veterans through heartfelt messages

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Elementary students from Seneca Valley SD and students at Seneca Valley Middle School drew pictures or wrote letters that were sent to area veterans. Students in seventh grade world history classes wrote letters in honor of veterans Day. The messages the students sent to veterans acknowledged the service and sacrifice, and included words of appreciation and encouragement. Some of the heartfelt messages written by students included notes thanking veterans for “defending the rights so many are without.”  Students expressed thanks for the contributions of veterans’ own families for, “living a life where they didn’t get to see you often, for your service to keep our country safe.” Others shared their appreciation for the sacrifice veterans made to defend the students’ families’ peace and freedom, for “defending my parent’s right to vote” and thanking them for ensuring the privilege of attending public school. Many of the touching messages shared wishes for the veterans to live a life of peace and happiness, and all were sincere in thanking them for their dedication, sacrifice and service.