Seneca Valley students are tops in music

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Seneca Valley students who were selected for PMEA Honors Band

The Seneca Valley Instrumental Music program has a long-standing tradition of excellence at the Pennsylvania Music Education Association Festivals. This past November, auditions were held for the 2017 PMEA District 5 Honors Band. More than 200 students auditioned for 121 seats, with 51 awarded to Seneca Valley students — more than any other school and a new school record for SV. To audition, students must be in at least ninth grade and prepare a piece from a predetermined college-level solo list selected by the directors of District 5 (Beaver, Butler, Lawrence and Mercer counties). Students participated in the three-day festival at Westminster College Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2017. Students selected by section are as follows (*denotes first chair, number denotes grade):

*Elizabeth Linton, Alto Saxophone, 12; Justin Choi, Clarinet, 12; Sofia Salgado, Clarinet, 12; Liz Winters, Clarinet, 12; Jeremy O’Connor, Trumpet, 12; Kristina Johnson, Flute, 12; Miya Paserba, French Horn, 12; Alina Taylor, French Horn, 12; *Jess Uhl, Oboe, 12; Henry VonRintelen, Trombone, 12; Glen Schum, Tuba, 12; Ben Hess, Baritone Saxophone, 11; *Hiruni Herat, Bass Clarinet, 11; Chloe Rechkemer, Bass Clarinet, 11; Brian Vogel, Bassoon, 11; Liv Aronsohn, Clarinet, 11; Tiffany Eaton, Clarinet, 11; Tressa MacPherson, Clarinet, 11; Reese Sherwood, Clarinet, 11; Kat Yellin, Clarinet, 11; Nicole Buchek, Trumpet, 11; Matt Miller, Trumpet, 11; Sydni Roller, Trumpet, 11; Alyssa Tollerton, Trumpet, 11; *Carmyn Talento, Euphonium, 11; Martina Beggy, Flute, 11; Bekah Cox, Flute, 11; Reilly Scherzer, Flute, 11; Anna Rickabaugh, French Horn, 11; Grace Connors, Oboe, 11; *Rachel Covell, Tenor Saxophone, 11; Brad Hartman, Trombone, 11; *Sean Scott, Baritone Saxophone, 10; Evan Moeller, Clarinet, 10; Jeremy Love, Cornet Trumpet, 10; Emma Krebs, French Horn, 10; Myles Weaver, Percussion, 10; Eden Geis, Trombone, 10; *Kate Scanlan, Trombone, 10; Dean Smith, Trombone, 10; Hannah Downs, Tuba, 10; *Lizzie Sylves, Bassoon, 9; Allison Buchek, Clarinet, 9; *David Choi, Clarinet, 9; Jada Chvilicek, Clarinet, 9; Ashleigh Patterson, Clarinet, 9; Jaya Subramaniam, Clarinet, 9; Renhan Xu, Clarinet, 9; Elizabeth Salgado, Flute, 9; Luke Choban, Tuba, 9 and Zach Garcia, Tuba, 9.