Raider Battalion wins back-to-back championships

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2017 League Champions: The Raider Battalion Marksmanship cadets (L-R), Joshua Thompson, Nathan Adomaitis, Andrew Tate, Mackenna Omara and Katelynn Grochalski, stand with the Western PA Army JROTC League first place trophy.

Seneca Valley’s Raider Battalion Marksmanship Team brought home the Western PA Army JROTC League 2 trophy for the second year in a row, while competing against other local Army JROTC units in November 2017. The Raider Battalion scored 1,192, defeating Beaver High School (1,065), Albert Gallatin High School (994), and Valley High School (868). The team was led by senior Andrew Tate, who shot a 258 out of 300 and was the top shooter overall for the competition. The remaining contributing team members were Nathan Adomaitis at 252, Joshua Thompson at 242, Mackenna Omara at 235, and Katelynn Grochalski scored a 205. In addition, the Raider Battalion Marksmanship Team opened up their 2017-18 season with a dual victory at the Southern Garrett High School “2017 Ram Rumble” in Maryland in October 2017. The team competed in two categories, Veteran and Novice, securing first place in both. Junior Nathan Adomaitis was the tournament overall top shooter earning the Gold CMP Achievement Pin for his score of 525 out of 600 possible points. Veteran teammates and sophomores Caitlin Wroblewski and Joshua Thompson also earned the Gold CMP Achievement Pin for their qualifying scores. Freshman Mackenna Omara took second overall in the Novice category earning the Silver CMP Achievement Pin for her qualifying score of 481. Teammates Katelynn Grochalski and Mariah Baker also earned the Silver CMP Achievement Pin for their qualifying score.  At the end of the season, Seneca Valley finished in fifth place in their division.