Seneca Valley upgrades active learning spaces

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picture Seneca Valley upgrades active learning spaces

Active learning spaces

Seneca Valley Intermediate High School (SV) is being outfitted with new equipment that promotes flexible and active learning spaces. This equipment is being integrated in math and English classes and creates two different classroom environments. The first consists of a chair/desk combination that is on wheels and allows students to quickly and seamlessly transition from individual to group arrangements that foster collaboration and communication. This furniture is currently positioned in math classrooms. The second environment consists of trapezoidal desks and chairs that are separate from one another. Both pieces of furniture are on wheels and allow for the flexible establishment of individual and collaborative learning spaces. This furniture is positioned in the English classrooms. Professional development was provided by Steelcase to the teachers who received the furniture this year.

“The new desks are an amazing upgrade,” states ninth-grade student Katy Berkley. “It is a very new experience for the students. With the ability to move into groups or around the classroom, it is a great way to do many different things that could not have been done with regular desks. The chairs make the classroom full of color and creativity. Now because of the desks, I LOVE coming to class every day excited to learn!”

“This is such an exciting opportunity for both the students and me as their teacher,” said Cheri Mihalik, SV English teacher. “I love that we are able to provide today’s learners with a modern classroom perfectly suited to their personalities and needs, and it challenges me to create a stronger and more diverse, active learning environment.”