Scranton students REACH-HEI

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REACH-HEI students presenting at the Health Fair that they created

Scranton SD’s Regional Education Academy for Careers in Health – Higher Education Initiative (REACH-HEI) program began in the 2016-17 school year with the implementation of our partnership with Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. Each year approximately 40 Northeast Scranton students participate in the program, providing them with hands-on learning experiences aimed to enhance their interest in health sciences and related careers. REACH-HEI is designed to assist our students with discovering their potential and creating a pathway to academic success and career and college readiness.

One of the most significant aspects of this program is that preference into the program is given to students who are first-generation college students, or those who come from an economically disadvantaged background. It is the goal of the organizers and volunteer GCSM students and faculty to provide an opportunity for our neediest students to fully appreciate their academic abilities, and envision a life where they can overcome many of the barriers that inhibited previous generations of their family. The unique program is a wonderful example of how partnerships between our public schools and our post-secondary institutions can benefit our students!