Schuylkill Valley students benefit from diverse after-school activities

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picture SV Girls' Volleyball...that winning moment!

SV Girls’ Volleyball…that winning moment!

The Schuylkill Valley School District is alive with activity! Located in Leesport, PA, the campus has a combined enrollment of 2054 students, offers more than 50 diverse clubs and activities. The high school alone boasts a 75% participation rate in co-curriculars. All of this is possible through a unique partnership between students, parents, and faculty. According to Athletic Director Stephanie L. Deibler, who oversees co-curricular activity, the district’s culture allows students and faculty to work together for a common good. “Student participation is high,” Deibler said, “because we try as much as possible to allow and encourage kids to try different activities outside their comfort zone.” High school students can start their own clubs with approval from the principal and Deibler. Schuylkill Valley provides a faculty advisor, classroom space and a weekly activity period during school hours so students can explore a multitude of interests without conflicting with after-school activities. The diversity of co-curriculars, from rock climbing to welfare of animals to agricultural club and more, encourages students to reach outside their comfort zone to acquire new skills. No one club or activity is given priority over another, and coaches and advisors are guided not to pressure students to focus solely on one activity. This creates a culture of inclusivity, where a football player can also participate in the school musical and serve as student council president. Our faculty and staff advise co-curriculars with the understanding that the activities are as much a part of students’ future success as the district’s academic component. Deibler believes “…most of our faculty wants to advise because they know that it’s good for our students, their families and our community. We all want to make sure that when kids leave here, they are prepared to be better leaders.”