STC launches new program for aspiring health professionals

Schuylkill Technology Centers  |  Posted on

An innovative new high school program at Schuylkill Technology Center (STC) in Frackville provides a way for seniors to learn about health care career options and earn college credits at the same time.

The “Emerging Health Professionals” program was launched this school year and has nine seniors in the inaugural class, with the plan by STC to raise the participation to 20 students — two from each of the county school districts who send students to the Frackville and Mar Lin schools.

STC partners with Lehigh Valley Health Network-Schuylkill and Penn State Schuylkill Campus for the program that combines interactive, university-level classroom learning and observation in a health care setting. The program prepares students for further education by offering college-level science courses. Participating students spend a week learning about each of nine areas in the medical field and the career options available in those areas.

As a dual-enrollment program, senior high school students who meet certain requirements can take a total of eight credits at Penn State for half the cost of tuition. Although the program is half-day, it runs the entire semester. Current students go to class at STC one day a week, attend class at Penn State two days a week and job shadow at a health care facility two days a week.