Living and learning in a digital world

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Behind the Scenes at the SFN

Recognizing the skills that will lead to success in the post-secondary environment and beyond, the Salisbury Township School District focuses on problem-solving and active creativity in the digital world. SHS digital media program promotes invention and actively engages students in their learning. The digital media program consists of three classes: Media Studies, which centers on how information is processed; Media Messages, which focuses on how we interpret the information; and Media Management, where students develop, create and broadcast digital media. Students learn the foundations of programs, and then use these skills to retell the information in digital stories. Students learn basics programs and are taught to repurpose and combine them in what the teacher calls “invention hacks.” Once students master programs, they learn interviewing and broadcasting techniques and produce a bi-weekly show that promotes student learning and activities within the district. SHS also produces its own cable channel, the Salisbury Falcon Network, which airs on RCN Channel 68. Students produce a show that highlights not only student and community news, but also shares digital narratives and inventions created in segments: “Inspire,” which highlights inspiring stories within the district; “Ignite,” which focuses on surprising activities; “What’s the Story?,” which discusses behind the scenes programs; “The Concession Stand,” featuring sports-related segments; “Headlines,” which targets traditional news stories; and “The Peanut Gallery,” which provides comedic entertainment.