Robotics Day is a success

Palmerton Area School District  |  Posted on

Palmerton students enjoyed building Lego Mindstorm robots as part of this summer’s Robotics Day.

Students in the Palmerton Area School District’s SHINE (Students and Homes in Education) elementary summer program enjoyed a hands-on Robotics Day. On this day, students had the opportunity to work with Lego Mindstorm robots. In partnership with Box of Light Studio (Bloomsburg, PA), students built robots and programmed them to run through a maze.

Michelle Davis, SHINE summer program teacher, said, “I am grateful that we partnered with Box of Light for this outreach program. They provided all of the materials for our students to use. The kids really had a great time.”

Younger students in the SHINE summer program did stop animation with Legos. The students had to design a Lego set and make small movements with the Legos to create a short mini movie. Click here to watch all of the mini-movies.