Record-setting Mini-THON in Quakertown

Quakertown Community School District  |  Posted on

At the end of the 12-hour Mini-THON, Quakertown students proudly display the amount of money raised to fight pediatric cancer.

It is an example of student leadership and community service, committed teachers and a caring school community. Together, they achieved great things for a great cause.

We’re talking about Quakertown Community High School’s MiniTHON 2019, which raised a record $31,360.65, more than doubling last year’s achievement of just under $15,000, and topping the students’ goal of $20,000. The funds go to Four Diamonds at Penn State Children’s Hospital to cover the treatment costs for pediatric cancer patients.

The high school’s Mini-THON executive board includes four seniors: Alex Brandis, Tori Caputo, Jarod Clarke and Hailey Reiss. They were supported at every step by teachers and Mini-THON advisers Rachel Girman and Melissa Ritter, who spent a day with the student leaders at the children’s hospital so they would understand why what they were doing mattered.

During the 12-hour event on April 5-6, Mrs. Girman and Mrs. Ritter took a video of the executive board’s reaction to learning what their effort produced. The students were quite emotional, finding it a challenge to hold back the tears.

“We obliterated our goal,” Jarod said. Tori recalled how far they had come since raising $6,000 a few short years ago. “That’s so exciting,” Alex said.

On Twitter, Quakertown Mini-THON ‘19 stated: “Thank you to everyone who made this event possible and for a great night!”