Mr. Keally, Principal at Hartman Elementary, leads the Positive Action Assembly on Self Honesty

Positive Action is a comprehensive and integrated set of social and emotional learning components that are taught to students in grades K-6 in Ellwood City. Every teacher was trained on implementing the program and they integrate into their daily lessons.

The mission of Positive Action is to promote positive actions in individuals, schools, families and communities and empower their greatness for creating happy, healthy and successful lives. The district saw the need for a program that explicitly teaches students social/emotional skills that will serve them through school and their lives.

According to Joe Mancini, superintendent, “we already were doing LifeSkills Training in grades 6-8 and it is a Blueprints Certified program. We needed something for our younger students and found Positive Action and it fit right in where we needed the most help with our students. Positive Action, in one year, has become part of our culture in grades K-6.” Spearheading the effort in Ellwood City is a Positive Action team that organizes the programs and lessons and that is led by school counselor Christina Mendillo.

Teachers, administrators, parents and the community are all part of the “action” and get behind the idea that positive thoughts lead to positive actions and positive actions lead to positive feelings about yourself. Each of the themes culminates with a Positive Action Assembly. The themes are Physical Health, Intellectual Health, Self-Management, Social Skills, Self Honesty and Self Improvement.