Pleasant Hills Middle School students promote kindness

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Several Pleasant Hills Middle School were recognized at the West Jefferson Hills School Board Meeting for their leadership and kindness initiatives. Principal Como introduced the founders of a brand new organization at Pleasant Hills Middle School this year – The Kindness Project. To support the West Jefferson Hills School District core values Empathy, Respect and Integrity, seventh-graders Jillian Piscitelli and Emma Ratner formed The Kindness Project along with a committee of students whose sole objective is to promote kindness and make Pleasant Hills Middle School a better place for all students. The Kindness Project committee delivers hand-written notes containing random acts of kindness. Students are encouraged to perform these random acts of kindness as many times as they can during the course of the school week, and watch as their acts of kindness spread and positively affect others. Members of the Kindness Project delivered their special notes to all of the School Board Members. Congratulations, and thank you, to PHMS students for all that you do to help others and promote kindness.