Data helps students improve at Pittsburgh Carrick

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At Pittsburgh Carrick High School school leadership and staff are digging into their data to understand the needs of their students.

For many years PPS teachers have used data to help guide their instruction. But now, students at Pittsburgh Carrick High School are also taking ownership of data to help them improve attendance and raise their Grade Point Averages (GPAs).
According to Principal Angel Washington, attendance and GPA are the biggest predictors of college readiness and perseverance, and also key requirements for students to receive The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship. “By sharing data that relates to these two important areas, students can easily see where they may need help and where they are doing a good job, says Washington.
Beginning in the ninth grade, Carrick students meet with teachers to review their data. They talk about their strengths and weaknesses, and are asked to reflect on ways to improve. “We ask each student to make a plan,” notes math teacher Julie Bramer. “We want them to look at the classes they’re doing the best in and reflect on why they’re doing so well, and then try to use similar strategies to do better in classes where they are not having as much success.”
Students like the idea of setting goals that relate specifically to their personal education and career goals. They also appreciate the feedback from the teachers on a regular basis. “The students know that we are supporting them,” adds Washington.
Teachers are also building more positive relationships with students through data sharing. Learning Support teacher Dustin Smith notes that while data paints a clear picture of what’s going on academically with each student, it also gives teachers insight into other factors that might be affecting a student’s performance.
Both Carrick students and teacher expect to continue to see even more changes now that data is driving their performance.
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