Pfaff celebrates Harmony Day

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Students look at poster boards with information about different countries during Pfaff Elementary School’s Harmony Day.

Friday was Harmony Day at Pfaff Elementary School, and in each classroom students got the message that respecting others, showing kindness and celebrating different cultures are good things.

There were posters of various countries in the lobby, and students were given assignments related to each. Students also participated in aboriginal dot art and an assembly was held for visitors from the Ologundê ensemble, which celebrates the rich Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador, Bahia through a diverse repertoire of music, dance and martial arts. In each classroom, teachers spoke about the reasons for Harmony Day.

“Harmony Day is such a fun day of learning and growing at Pfaff,” Principal Dr. Orathia Bradley said. “It has become a really important experience as it certainly aids the children’s social development.”

She praised the efforts of Jenna Wile-Bennett, Pfaff’s English Language Development teacher; Peach Draper, instructional coach for math and science; and the Diversity and Equity Subcommittee for coordinating the schoolwide event.

“It was more than a success,” Dr. Bradley said. “Many thanks to the teachers, staff, cafeteria staff, custodians, and all the parent volunteers that made today a great day for our kids!”

Mrs. Wile Bennett said, “We believe the more our young people know about other cultures, the more likely they’ll develop an appreciation and understanding of them.”

Students from Quakertown Community High School volunteered to help with the Harmony Day celebration. Erica Gildea and Elana Kara, both juniors, gave a presentation on French culture. “It’s a cool opportunity to show kids different cultures,” Erica said. “I like to interact with elementary school students,” added Elana. “This has been a fun experience.”

William Lee, a senior and Pfaff graduate, said, “They never did anything like this when I was a student at Pfaff. As a person of color, it’s something I definitely would have appreciated. Teaching younger kids about other countries prevents the development of prejudice.”