Dr. Seuss Week reading connects students to fun science experiments

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Dr. Seuss Fun!

Salisbury Elementary Facilitator, Ms. Courtney Hollenbaugh and her class had a fun time learning and reading a variety of Dr. Seuss books this week. Kindergarten students worked on an activity with to engage them in their reading as they learned about Dr. Seuss, the morals of his books and his wacky characters. Students read the story “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” and discussed how the king was ungrateful for the normal weather that came down from the sky, so the townspeople mixed together a creation that they called Oobleck. Learners measured out their ingredients and created their own Oobleck. They learned that Oobleck is slimy and sticky, but also can be surprising. When learners added force and pressure to the Oobleck, the mixture became a solid state. However, when they released that pressure, the Oobleck mixture became a liquid. Students enjoyed a fun week learning about Dr. Seuss and making his book creations come to life.