Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Juniata County School District  |  Posted on

On October 10, 2019, East Juniata High School’s AP Literature and Language Composition classes attended the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Many of the seniors had attended the Ren Faire last year and loved it, so they were excited to be going again this year.

This year at the Renaissance Faire, there was a lot of fun had by all, as well as good food. The food at the Renaissance Faire is always slightly expensive, but the students absolutely love it! The actors at the Faire try to interact with students as much as possible to make the students feel like they have traveled to an entirely different time period: The Renaissance. Some of the EJHS students were invited to perform in their own mini joust. There is also a performance done by Circus Stella, where two acrobats show their stunts and include their dogs.

The Renaissance Faire is not only a great way for students to learn, but also to get a day of relaxation. Every year, the students state how pleased they are that their class have been given the privilege to attend this event. The Renaissance Faire is an amazing way for students to experience the time period, and it lets the kids have a break from stressful school work. The Ren Faire also gets the students moving and outside. All in all, the experience is fun, educational, and just an overall great way to spend learning outside the classroom.