Penncrest offers AP Capstone Program

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Penncrest High School will offer new Capstone Certificate and Diploma programs next year in partnership with the College Board. These programs will allow students to take on the challenge of a skills-based (rather than a content-based) model of Advanced Placement (AP) coursework. The AP Capstone Certificate program is a multi-departmental, intensive, skills-based, two-course program designed to support and extend AP subject-area course work in all areas. Students may take Seminar as a stand-alone course, Seminar and Research for the Capstone certificate, or they may pursue an AP Capstone Diploma through the College Board. The AP Capstone Diploma program requires students to explore AP coursework in four subject areas in addition to completing the Seminar and Research courses. Penncrest’s acceptance into the Capstone Diploma Program is the result of a lengthy application process. Only 17 schools in the state have earned this distinction. The Penncrest AP Capstone Program will be spearheaded by the Library, English, and Social Studies departments over the next two years with the option to expand into other departments in the future. To learn more about the program, visit the Penncrest High School website,