Manor Middle Schools adds a service dog to help students feel more comfortable in school

Penn Manor School District  |  Posted on

Wrangler with Manor Middle School counselor Danielle Rogers and eighth-grader Maryanne Lopez.

Manor Middle School has added a furry staffer for the new school year: Wrangler, a  Labradoodle service dog whose main task is to help students feel more at ease in school. The pup, trained by the United Disabilities Services New Life Assistance Dogs program, leads new students on tours of the school and stops in to visit classrooms throughout the day. He also sits with students who are experiencing emotional difficulties and is a regular companion to students on the playground. In addition, Wrangler models good behavior for students by showing them how he responds to commands to sit, stay and leave a room. But what he does the most is express unbridled affection for students. Already, Wrangler has had a positive impact on students, said Dana Edwards, Manor Middle School principal. “Wrangler is just one more piece of the puzzle that makes this a fantastic place for students to come to every day,” he said.