Palmerton senior attends Future Music Educators Honors Symposium

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Accompanied by her teacher Ms. Malia Mueller (R), Grace Heist (L) attended the PMEA Future Music Educators Honors Symposium from April 7-9, 2022.

From April 7-9, 2022, Palmerton Area School District (PASD) senior Grace Heist attended the Future Music Educators Honors Symposium (FMEHS), which was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA). Grace was one of only 13 high school students in Pennsylvania chosen to be a part of the FMEHS. At the Symposium, Grace made connections with the 12 other high school seniors from PA as well as other influential people in the field of music. Grace spoke with Tim Lautzenheiser, one of the writers of the Essential Elements for Beginning Band books, a book that all music educators use to teach children music. Grace met instrumentalists from Pershing’s Own United States Army Band, who gave her tips about being a good instrumentalist. Grace had the opportunity to hear speeches given by music educators who have taught all over the world. She also attended seminars that covered various areas of music education such as choral, orchestral, elementary education, and teaching diverse students.

After returning from the Symposium, Grace said, “The most intriguing class I took was called ‘Can You Hear Me Now? Strategies for Music Students With Hearing Loss.’ This class described how people who have an auditory disorder can learn and enjoy music. It was fascinating and enlightening. I heard from panels of teachers, college students, and well-known college directors about everything I need to do to ready myself for college and the workplace. What I learned in these classes helped prepare me for my future. There is not one piece of information that I was given that I would not use in my career. Overall, the Future Music Educators Honors Symposium was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had. I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat. I made so many connections with future music educators and acquired so much knowledge from leaders in music education that will no doubt be beneficial to me in college.”

PASD music teacher Ms. Malia Mueller, who accompanied Grace on this trip said, “Grace is a true asset to our music program in the Palmerton Area School District. During the first few months as Grace’s music teacher, I saw her strive as a leader and musician. She was eager to attend the PMEA Future Music Educators Honors Symposium to learn more about her future in music education. During the Symposium, she networked, attended informative sessions and heard outstanding concerts from some of the best music educators and musicians. Throughout the conference, I saw Grace soak in every second as she began to learn about the profession. Grace’s passion, talent, and dedication will make her a true asset to the field of music education. I am glad that she could attend the PMEA State Conference, and I cannot wait to watch her grow as a music educator in the future.”