Owen J. Roberts ecology students get hands-on education on animal diversity

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Creating edible scat at Crow's Nest Preserve

Creating edible scat at Crow’s Nest Preserve

As part of their Hybrid Ecology Class, students engage in multiple field trips to local preserves and natural areas. In this case, students are exploring the different properties of animal scat and creating approximately 15 different kinds of scat using edible item such a chocolate and cereal. When finished, students have not only explored the contents of the various animal scat, but understand the animals diet and seasonal variations in the scat. They also have created a key that will help them identify animal scat in the wild, which is the next step of this experience. Being able to identify animal scat in the wild is an indirect tool used to be able to identify the presence and diversity of animal life in a given area. Next, the students are off to French Creek to help identify and eradicate an invasive crayfish species.