Adventure builds teamwork and connects student leaders

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Building Connections, Practicing Caretaking

All Owen J. Roberts elementary schools work to develop leaders with special focus on developing self-esteem and cooperation in grade six students who are poised to practice important leadership skills at the elementary schools. Sixth graders had the opportunity to visit Althouse Arboretum for a Stecher Adventures in Education program, which is designed to improve teamwork and cooperation, life skill development and self-esteem through hands-on experiential activities. Students participated in Low Ropes programs in a series of structured problem solving activities to promote behavioral change, self-esteem and life skill development. All activities use the concepts of challenge and adventure to motivate and stimulate the participants’ willingness and enthusiasm for change. Some of the issues addressed are: communication, listening skills, following directions, trust, power of group cooperation, physical and emotional support, decision making, problem solving, leadership-followership issues, respecting individual differences within the group and being responsible for one’s own actions.