Students L:EAP into library’s new active learning space

Oley Valley School District  |  Posted on

It may not match your vision of a traditional school library, but Oley Valley Elementary Students are L:EAPing into their futures in a flexible learning space that incorporates library, computer lab and makerspace with plans for art project integration. It is a vibrant and active learning space that often adapts to multiple classes with different tasks and goals engaging at the same time.

The L:EAP center, named for its goal of encouraging students to learn, engage, apply and persevere, grew out of STEM program development at the elementary school. Technology, research and information management concepts are the heart of individual subject-based lessons in a traditional classroom environment during first trimester when the students work in either the computer lab or the library. In January 2017, students will be free to move between the library and computer lab as their project and classwork require resources in the different space. As an added component, the nearby art classes can also be incorporated into larger projects.

Other additions include a 102″ multi-touch ActivWall with four separate projection zones and up to 20 independent touchpoints for interactive large group presentation and collaboration. Flexible seating to accommodate groups of learners, iPad and laptop carts and charging stations join limited desktop workstations throughout the re-engineered learning lab and library areas. At its maximum occupancy, the L:EAP center has hosted engineering design class in the lab, meetings in the adjacent conference room, primary class book selection and self-directed student inquiry. With a combination of explicit teaching and guided project-based learning, the OVES L:EAP center is becoming the hub of educational exploration.