Project Connect provides 1:1 personalized instruction in North Hills SD

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image north hills teacher helping students with technology

Middle School teacher Joe Welch helps students utilize their iPads to draw their interpretation of life in Jamestown during Grade 8 American History.

As part of the district’s wide-ranging and multi-year Innovations in Education Plan, Project Connect has put iPads into the hands of all sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students across all district elementary schools and at North Hills Middle School this school year. Project Connect will further embed project-based learning throughout the curriculum and utilize technology as a tool for personalizing instruction for every student.

Through Project Connect, North Hills students will cultivate an innovative and problem-solving learning environment that incorporates vital skills for college and career readiness such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Already students are utilizing their devices to access a digital English Language Arts curriculum in sixth-grade, creating stop-motion videos about the colonial Jamestown Settlement and creating a tour of the Constitution for younger students. Throughout the year, students will use the devices to create designs for 3D printed innovations from the Civil War, American Revolution “break-up music videos,” and as integral to research in creating reports on famous Americans.