Norristown Area SD students explore science

Norristown Area School District  |  Posted on

Students at Whitehall, Hancock and Gotwals elementary schools got a taste of what it’s like to be a scientist through a recent visit from Science Explorers. The Explorers program uses interactive demonstrations to pique kids’ interest the scientific method: observing, asking questions, hypothesizing, planning and doing an experiment, and gathering data for results. The purpose of the visit was to give students the opportunity to learn curriculum they are studying in the classroom in a new way. During this visit, instructor Sarah Troy facilitated hands-on activities focused on the tools scientists use to measure and gather data for experiments. As part of the exercise, students looked at photos taken of items under a microscope – a fly eye, a human tongue, and a butterfly wing – and tried to guess what they were. The visit was made possible by a grant from The Quaker Chemical Foundation and The SPARKS Foundation.