New online learning program provides high-quality support

Huntingdon Area School District  |  Posted on

The new and improved BILD logo demonstrates a stacking of four blocks that represent: dedicated staff, improved student learning experiences, communication and support, and family engagement. These four blocks represent the components of BILD to create a quality online learning opportunity for students in the Huntingdon Area School District.

The Huntingdon Area School District’s online programming took on a new look for the 22-23 school year! With six full-time virtual teachers and a new online learning director, the Bearcat Institute of Learning and Development (BILD) is offering new and exciting opportunities to district students, with the focus on quality online learning. Currently the program has 105 K-12 students enrolled as full time online students, hybrid students, or students enrolled in one course.

It has enhanced the student learning experience by offering engaging and hands-on live sessions in Zoom, providing quality content in Canvas, and offering office hours to support students when they need it. Students with three or more classes are provided a learning coach to support them and ensure they are meeting their personal and academic goals. While our students are actively engaged in learning, our staff is also actively learning how to deliver quality online instruction by participating in training focused on building relationships virtually, tips and tricks for making live sessions hands on, and meeting the needs of all students in online learning.

The focus on getting to know students and their families is very important as the online learning director takes the time to meet every family before enrolling the student in BILD. The goal is to ensure quality online learning and with almost half of the enrolled students qualifying for student services, the focus is on meeting needs and supporting students so academic progress is made for all.

The last component the program has added is the socialization component that parents have longed for in their community. With virtual opportunities to socialize through show and tell or read-alouds, our program also offers in person group activities throughout the year to bring students and families together. The changes in the program are truly meeting the needs of those in the district seeking an online learning opportunity that is small, personalized, flexible and offers all of the amenities of being local and remaining a Bearcat!