Montour ARK club spreads kindness and unity throughout the community

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Montour High School’s Condolence Tree for the Tree of Life Synagogue

Montour High School’s largest club is the Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Club, with more than 200 student members, and is reportedly the only ARK Club in Western Pennsylvania. Students help spread kindness and unity throughout the school and community. The MHS ARK Club has facilitated numerous projects since the club’s creation in 2016 and this school year is off to a busy start. In October, the district celebrated #bethekindkid week for which nearly 3,000 students (K-12) signed the pledge on a banner to “be the kind kid” at Montour. The banners adorn each of three buildings at Montour School District. More recently, students at at the high school created a 16-foot tree of condolences honoring Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue shooting victims and community. Students offered condolences and words of hope on the tree, with 11 branches dedicated to each of the deceased with hundreds of condolence hands surrounding them. Tuesday, Nov. 13, is World Kindness Day and many of students engaged in “Kindness Karaoke,” singing along to heartwarming songs. One of the songs they sing as a group is “We are the World,” an empowering tribute that also was sung during #bethekindkid week. Follow the Montour ARK Club on Twitter @MontourARK.