Methacton Car Club promotes renewable energy

Methacton School District  |  Posted on

picture methacton car clubThe Methacton High School Electric Car Club recently displayed their pair of electric vehicles at Philadelphia Auto Show’s innovative electric car exhibit. The two vehicles are a Ford Motor Company Ranger and a green, three-wheeled convertible resembling an English roadster, named Lorax. Sponsored by the school’s science coordinator, Steve Savitz, the club also has a converted Tastykake box truck outfitted with educational exhibits displaying the use of renewable energy – the truck’s engine runs on recycled vegetable oil. According to the club’s website, the group’s goal is to educate the public about renewable energy. Each year the students participate in several events, including Penn State’s 21st Century Automotive Challenge – an automotive competition for alternative energy vehicles. Read the Philadelphia Inquirer’s full interview here.

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