MAES students take a step back in history

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MAES tudents enjoyed a trip to Fort Ligonier during the four weeks of Summer Camp. During their trip, students, including Maddie Miller, Hobie Dumle, Ben Emerick, Kalli Kimble and Allyson Lepley; participated in a skit about the role western Pennsylvania played in the development of our country.

Meyersdale Area School District hosted a four-week summer camp for students in first through sixth grade. Students enjoyed a wide array of activities, lessons and experiences centered around STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and reading. Activities included creating parachutes, building structures with spaghetti and marshmallows and Lego challenges, in addition to reading activities. Each week, students enjoyed a field trip, including a trip to the movies; summer tubing at Seven Springs and a tour of Laurel Caverns. During the final week, students focused on Pennsylvania history and welcomed a special guest from Fort Ligonier.

David Swank, a guide at Fort Ligonier, provided students with information on the French and Indian War, sharing the role western Pennsylvania played in our nation’s history. On August 1, students traveled to Ligonier, where they enjoyed a tour of the facility and picnic lunch. However, the highlight of the afternoon was an opportunity to dress in period authentic clothes and present a short play on the French and Indian War.

The enthusiasm of the students was evident as they took a step back in time to gain a better understanding of Pennsylvania history and walk in the shoes of our nation’s early leaders.