Helping students achieve their dreams

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Teachers at Lewisburg Area School District are helping students’ dreams become reality. A fourth grade student lewisburg-dress_story-2in the district had told her physical education teacher on several occasions that she likes to design dresses. The teacher asked her to bring some of her drawings to school to show him sometime. When the student brought her drawings to school to share with her teacher, he could sense how proud and excited she was about her designs.

The teacher contacted the principal and art teacher at Lewisburg Area High School to see if a high school student would be interested in making the student’s designs a reality. A senior art student who had learned to sew in a Fiber Art class during his junior year took on the project. He developed full-scale drawings of two of the dress designs and sewed the dresses. He then presented them to the fourth grade student as a surprise. Both students and the two dresses were featured in the annual district-wide art show.