Learning With Legos

Allegheny Valley School District  |  Posted on

Students use the school’s Create U to learn with Legos.

Acmetonia Elementary School in the Allegheny Valley School District brought a popular toy into their daily lessons through the Lego Lab. With a recent renovation creating a new STEAM room, Create U (a Makerspace in the building created to support STEAM education) became a place of learning with Legos. Students suggested the idea because students at all grade levels can use Legos and the blocks are all-inclusive, no matter what your academic ability.

Currently, students work on “free building” – they can build whatever they want – which they love, and it sparks so much imagination!

“Although sometimes I do put a note on each table with some directions – just to see what they can build,” commented Mrs. Shamey, the school’s librarian who manages the area. The notes ask students to “build a character from a book you have read” or “build something with wheels.” “I never tell them ahead of time what I put in there,” Shamey comments with a smile, “it’s kind of a surprise when they go in.”

The goal of using the blocks is to tie Lego-building into curricular projects, with integration to all subject areas, to spark creativity, build clarity, and inspire imagination. It’s become an extension of learning through play. The students enjoy the Lego lab and look forward to their time to create.